Comic 39 - Ch. 3 Pg. 2
15th Feb 2014, 10:00 PM in Ch. 3 Chiyo
Ch. 3 Pg. 2
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Author Notes:
AkiTa edit delete
Be careful guys! This flu season is horrible. I should know...

I recently got a Patreon which is like a donation website where you can set an amount of money to pay me every time I update this comic. The comic itself will, of course, remain free to read, however if you are a person with money to burn I would greatly appreciate it if you became a Patron! I typically only update a maximum of 4 times a month, so how much you plan to donate will be based on that number. College tuition is rough, and it would be great to make money off of something I enjoy doing rather than retail or flipping burgers.

Also a shout out to Ruppert Howard III for becoming my very first patron! Your contribution is greatly appreciated, and I hope I do not let you down!

Alrighty! That's about it! I hope you all enjoy the new page!
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the rouge humingbird edit delete reply
the rouge humingbird
Your comic is gorgeous.
AkiTa edit delete reply
Ah, thank you so much! ;v;/
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